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Clarity & Solutions
  by focusing on individual values and needs                                    

Mediations & coachings with me are future and solution oriented.

With a clear concept, we find solutions that fit your individual life situation.


Situations often get so complicated that we are no longer able to make good decisions. Just a few coaching sessions can help you see things more clearly and enable you to make informed decisions about your private life or work situation.


If it is no longer possible to find a good common solution without help, mediation offers the structure and prospects for new and sustainable solutions for both sides.


My coaching and mediation sessions are unique - just like the people who come to me. I support you in working out the path that suits you personally, so that your future can be successful. 

Mediation & Coaching
Online or in person


0049 - 174 26 20 434


Dusseldorf & Mettmann

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