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The structure of mediation

Mediation is an alternative, out-of-court conflict resolution methods
and has been regulated in Germany since 2012 in a Mediation Law.


Contract to Mediate

In an initial meeting, the mediation process is explained and a written mediation contract is drawn up. Common communication rule and confidentiality, create a secure framework for the meetings.


Topic Definition

Everyone involved has the opportunity to openly express their perspective on the situation. The points raised are structured into topics for the work ahead and recorded in writing.


Values and Needs

The mediator uses different communication tools to support the elaboration of values and needs behind a point of view in order to achieve mutual understanding or a change of perspective.


Creative Solutioning

The previous phases form the base of being able to creatively develop solutions together. Most of the time, these solutions looks completely different than expected beforehand. It is possible to find a consensus, since both perspectives are taken into concideration for the solution.



The jointly developed results are checked for feasibility and further specified. If desired, a written agreement will be drawn up together with the mediator. If requested a future review meeting can be arranged. 

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