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about me


I am Andrea Hesterberg, Certified Mediator and ACT-Coach

I have specialized in helping people in difficult life or conflict situations to find a solution that suits them. Coaching and mediation with me helps to gain clarity for upcoming decisions.

How did I become an expert in decision-making and conflict resolution?

I have been working in an international environment with a wide variety of people for many years and experienced again and again how difficult it is to deal with conflicts in a constructive way. To learn alternative ways of conflict resolution, I decided to get training in mediation in 2020. Since 2021, I have been working as a certified mediator in Mettmann and Düsseldorf.

I am always fascinated by how a change of perspective is achieved in mediation through targeted questions and communication tools in order to enable a joint solution.


I am pleased about the trust of my clients that I can support them on their way to a good solution through active listening, the structured mediation process and my experience in dealing with difficult problems. ​


In order to be able to help individuals in a solution-oriented manner, I completed a coaching course in January 2022. The approach of Russ Harris' ACT-Coaching corresponds to the focus of my work: The aim of this approach is to accept what cannot be changed and to develop specific actions, to change changeable attitudes or circumstances in order to lead a fulfilling life. Your own values ​​and needs play a central role, just like in mediation. ​


My most important values, which I found out for myself through ACT, are gratitude and connection to other people. Authenticity, honesty, friendliness and trust are also values ​​that are very important to me and I live them to the best of my ability.

Today I use the tools from mediation and coaching in team building, marriage seminars and marriage coaching, mediation on patchwork or separation, lectures on education and individual coaching on a wide variety of private topics.


I am a member of the Mediation Germany Association and registered in the Central Register Mediation.


I would be happy to talk to you about how mediation or coaching can bring clarity back into your life. ​


A first meeting with me is always free of charge - I look forward to hearing from you!

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