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Coaching offers a space and a framework in which the coach supports the client in developing his own strategy and solutions by listening carefully and asking specific questions. This makes it possible to deal better with the individual challenges of life. These challenges can include upcoming decisions, the direction of further life or career paths or dealing with concrete conflict situations.

At the beginning of a coaching, an initial meeting is always planned, in which the topic or topics of the coaching meetings, as well as an approximate time frame and the number of meetings are discussed.

Feel free to contact me for such an initial consultation.

The way I work in the coaching sessions is based on the concept of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

ACT is a scientifically based, solution-oriented coaching approach and focuses on:

  • Present and Future (not the past)

  • The primary question how and with what (not why)

  • Activate and strengthen existing resources

  • Discovering targeted options for action and individual solutions

  • Sustainable and stable changes

You can find an overview of ACT Coaching here.


Further information on ACT can be found on this websiteACT Mindfully.

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