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Prepare Enrich


Every partnership goes through ups and downs, days full of sunshine and others with dense rain clouds...

Relationships go well when there is mutual trust, openness and understanding for each other. But this does not always just happen by itself - healthy relationships require time and intentionality.

For that Prepare Enrich is a wonderful tool.


The Prepare Enrich Assessment is completed online and independently by both spouses and thus offers a detailed snapshot of the relationship situation from the perspective of both partners. The results then form the basis of consultations in which the strengths and growth areas of the partnership are discussed with one another. As the name suggests this assessment can help before marriage or after many years of marriage. The couple identifies areas of strengths and can work together on areas for growths.

A Prepare Enrich Assessment and the conversations that follow are always a worthwhile investment in a releationship and bring clearity into the life situation and future of a couple.

Feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.

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